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  • Make your computer and network faster
  • Remove viruses and spyware
  • Configure a network to share files and printers
  • Configure a backup for your important files
  • Recover lost or deleted data
  • Setup new equipment including tablets and smartphones
  • Secure your computers and network
  • And get the most out of your technology!

A good computer technician can communicate with the client in terminology that the client can understand instead of using jargon and technical words that only causes confusion and frustration. Many people know about computers, but not everyone can successfully diagnose and fix a computer. Sometimes those people who think they know how to fix computers, can actually make the problems worse. With most situations, a technician can usually diagnose the likely cause of a problem simply by asking questions and listening to the client describe the circumstances surrounding the issue.

As an IT Professional that has been in the industry for 30 years, I am capable of training in many programs and IT based hardware. I have completed both a certificate III and IV in IT at TAFE and a Certificate IV in Training and Assesment and am qualified to teach at TAFE. I believe that there is power in knowledge and my motto is to empower others with that knowledge so they are capable of doing things for themselves.


What can I teach you?

  • The basics and operation of Windows
  • Navigate the internet and what to avoid
  • Microsoft Office
  • Basics of Graphic Design using Photoshop
  • Basics of Web Design using HTML and CSS
  • How to copy, burn and make CD\DVDs
  • Security and Protection for your computer
  • and many other things…


  • Examine and analyse storage media for viable recovery
  • Recover data from damaged or formatted storage media
  • Consultation on data services such as storage, backup and recovery

Data is term used to refer to the storage of your personal files such as documents, music, video and photos. The most important and most over looked area in IT is Data Integrity and making sure your data is backed up properly. When hard drives and storage devices are damaged or formatted or data is deleted, it does not mean that the data is gone forever but there is a possibility that it may be recovered in part or in full.

One of the areas that causes the most problems in IT is setting up a proper network. Whether that is a wired network that uses physical cables or a wireless network that uses wireless routers, access points and extenders or a cloud mesh. In a perfect world, setting up a network would consist of plugging everything in and if everything is configured correctly, then it just works. But more often than not, we do not live in that perfect world and there is always a problem and with networks that can be very difficult to figure out as one very small problem can lead to the whole network not working correctly. Setting up a network requires planning both in hardware and the configuration in order to plan for future expansion.


  • Analyse, diagnose and troubleshoot network issues
  • Setup Wired and Wireless networks, including IP scopes and schemes.
  • Setup and configure Network services and programs
  • Setup File Sharing and Network Printer
  • Consultation on Network Infrastructure and Security
  • Setup external access to internal network
  • Setup and configure internet based services
  • and many other things…