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Website & Graphic Design


Web Site Design

A Web site is an important tool for anyone who wants to get information out to the world using the internet. Whether it is for business or personal use or just to inform people, a good website will get the message across and keep people coming back for more, however a bad website will cause people to go looking for something better. A lot of website designers or creators may use a generic template to make a website for you, the downside of this is that your website looks like many others on the internet. We prefer to emphasize the designer part of the process and create a custom designed website to meet your need focusing on simplicity and branding to be consistent with your current advertising and marketing of your business.

Graphic Design

Whether it’s a logo, stationery, a CD or DVD cover design or even a flyer, presentation or some photo retouching, the object of a good graphic designer is to produce graphical content that is appealing to the client and the intended audience to grab their attention and bring forth imagery that they can relate to and understand without the necessity of words. It is easy for people starting out in graphic design to create stunning looking graphics, often the problem is that what they create is based on what they themselves like about the design, the hardest thing to learn as a designer is to create and design graphics for the client’s needs that they are happy with and fits the purpose they require, regardless of whether or not you like it yourself.