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Audio & Video Services


How can we help?

  • Convert VHS tapes into DVD with or without a menu
  • Edit pre-recorded film into a final movie
  • Convert Vinyl Record into Audio CD or MP3 files
  • Convert Video Camera footage into Video Files


Audio Services

Do you have an old record that you love to listen to but your record player has stopped working or you just want to make it easier to listen to without having to turn on the record player? Your favourite record can be converted into an Audio CD or MP3 files using high quality software to help bring out that rich sound. The same can be done with Audio Cassettes.

Video Services

Do you have an old video tape(s) that you need to get the video off, but just don’t how, we can record the video of your camera or VHS tape and turn it into a digital video file or put it on a DVD for you.

Do you have an old wedding or event that is filmed but you would like it on a DVD? No problem, we can take that footage and turn it into a DVD with a beautiful menu and as an extra bonus we can design a beautiful cover to make the DVD.